Tax Director

The Renville County Tax Director’s Office is responsible for appraising the value of all property in the county as well as administration of all property tax exemptions for residents and businesses. In conjunction with the Renville County Recorder, we also maintain record of property ownership and legal descriptions

Through the aid of a Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal system, an inventory is maintained for all residential and commercial land and improvements. The estimated true and full value is then verified for accuracy through field inspections by our assessment staff. The assessor can raise, reduce or maintain the computer-generated value based on the models generated by buyer and seller actions in the local real estate market.

Properties and their assessment are reviewed each year and once the estimated true and full value is established and certified through city, county and state boards of equalization, the values are uploaded to the computer system. The county then calculates taxes for each parcel based on budgeted needs of government entities. The North Dakota Assessment date is February 1st of each year.