Sheriff Department


SHERIFF:  Michael Hatfield

CHIEF DEPUTY: Renae Johnson

OFFICE DEPUTY: Renae Johnson

Renville County Sheriff Department is responsible for law enforcement in the cities of Glenburn, Tolley, Grano, Greene, and Loraine.  Sherwood and Mohall have their own policing, but our department assists when called upon.

Our population is 2470.  Our department is responsible for preserving peace and order.  Duties include making arrests, enforcing all state and local laws, serving legal papers and handling mentally ill patients.  A contract between Bottineau County and Renville County directs our prisoners to be transported and housed in the Bottineau County jail (60 miles away).

Our department also conducts crime prevention programs such as bicycle safety programs, Operation Child Find (fingerprinting of children), and CounterAct Program (drug & alcohol) in schools.